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As a sailing yacht manufacturer, how do we succeed in fulfilling the most exacting of standards with the utmost perfection?

We are perfectionists. Each of our departments is staffed by professionals whose craftsmanship skills are second to none and who are passionate about what they do. In Greifswald, boat building is a tradition that goes back many centuries. We work in state-of-the-art production conditions and our highly-motivated team tests every yacht that we build on the Baltic Sea, which is right on our doorstep.

Just consider all the characteristic features of a Hanse yacht: It looks good. It offers comfort and has a whole host of technical features on board to provide this. It is stable in the water, easy to manoeuvre and sails with speed. It’s the place where you live. It’s the sailing boat you use for travel. It’s the yacht with which you win regattas. It offers you maximum freedom, since you can also sail a Hanse yacht single-handedly… Hanse yachts offer the perfect match between the owner’s wishes and the outstanding benefits of precise German engineering. Find out more about this perfect match here.



You just want to sail. We do what’s needed to make sure that you can enjoy sailing. That’s where the need for perfection comes in – even in places where it’s not always immediately visible. All of the components of a Hanse yacht contribute to this level of perfection. On your Hanse yacht, you take your own power station, waterworks and heating and air-conditioning system with you. Heat, power and water are fully available to you – with simple, reliable and fault-free operation, just as you are used to at home. This is because we think ahead, right from the design stage. On a Hanse yacht, the cables are run through protective tubing, the water flows in pipeline systems without clips to ensure that no damage is caused by vibrations.

Hanse 575, Ostsee bei Rügen, Shooting 20. bis 24.08.2012



Every new Hanse yacht is tested by us on the sea, because water pressure is inalterable. Prior to its maiden voyage, our engineers work on your dream yacht using both computers and their handcraft skills. Staff with expertise, experience and a passion for sailing keep a close eye on progress. IT provides valuable support by automating boat building to the greatest possible extent. The hull provides a good example: Thanks to Catia software and our five-axis milling machine, we can build the hull shape to a size of 80 feet with the very minimum of tolerances. Our conditions of production allow us to calculate the yachts’ characteristics with precision, while offering our yacht owners customised interiors and simultaneously lowering costs. Up to eighty design variants are possible for the interior of a Hanse yacht and these are produced using state-of-the-art machine technology. This saves time, meaning that we can deliver your dream yacht to you without any delay.



We love sailing just as much as you do. That’s why we apply our knowledge and expertise from the outset – to ensure that your sailing enjoyment is guaranteed. The hull and deck are built in our quality-assured boatyard. The design originates from judel/vrolijk & co, one of the most successful yacht design and engineering companies in the world. We work exclusively with well-known manufacturers for all supplies from the rigging and the sails to the high-quality fittings. The interior fittings such as the pantry and kitchen are the responsibility of our in-house cabinet makers. We check every detail of your yacht and fit integral inspection hatches, allowing you, as the owner, to keep a careful eye on everything. You can also put your trust in our certification, since all of our sailing yachts are CE-certified by Germanischer Lloyd in ocean-going category A.

Hanse 575, Ostsee bei Rügen, Shooting 20. bis 24.08.2012



Hanse yachts are yachts for winners. Our use of ultra-modern synthetic resins gives our yachts the necessary lightweight characteristics and stability at sea. You can enjoy the speeds that our yachts offer without any compromise on comfort. The lightweight design not only saves on weight but also offers increased sturdiness. The rudder is also designed to be lightweight, and the use of aluminium alloys results in a massive weight reduction. This means that you can take all your extra luggage with you, such as generators, diving equipment or dinghies. Another attractive benefit of the material: thanks to the combination of various resins, less maintenance work is required.



You can use our configurator to try out your own precise and effective design, customised to meet your needs. Before using our “Individual Cabin Concept” to put together your dream yacht, just a few words about your safety at sea: as a sailing yacht manufacturer who is always setting new trends, we build every yacht in a way that ensures that you are always in full control. An integral self-tacking jib, rotatable chart plotter and anchors that drop at the touch of a button are all functions that ensure that your yacht is easy to handle. Rudder hubs in self-adjusting ball bearings allow for perfect positioning. With safety features of this kind in place, we can pass over the helm to you with confidence. Have a good trip!


Hanse Yachts People, Kinder on board, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, ESP, 2008